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My horse Trigger

My horse Trigger

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Well Chris has been working out all week. Last night he was complaining about being so sore and I was like well hope you're unsore around the 20th okay? (predicted LH surge) He said he was trying to be less tired and have more vigor since 1/2 of my infertility problem sadly is his fault. More on this later.

I had an ultrasound last week and my ovaries look fine. No cysts which is very good news. Contrary to my physical symptoms I do not have PCOS. In looking at my chart it's pretty obvious I was going to ovulate on CD22, but stress delayed ovulation to CD27. So in my opinion, I believe the egg deteriorated because of the late ovulation and was poor quality which is why my progesterone was so low. Again this takes me back to my original concern when I started TTCing. I'm ovulating too late. Doc cleared me for another round of Clomid.

This was not good enough for me. I started calling and leaving messages for the infertility nurse. Short and sweet. 'I want an HCG trigger shot'. After tons of missed calls on both sides (which is annoying btw) I finally got to speak to her. I was civil, but expressed my disappointment that I have not been given an HCG shot or had any follicular monitoring since I've begun treatment. I also asked her am I the one who is supposed to tell you this is what I want because I feel like I'm given Clomid and a pat on the back each month wishing me luck. She said well yes and no (which is a typical answer). She said it depends on the treatment I want (WHAT?). I kind of laughed and said ooookay. I guess she realized what she said sounded ludicrous and ended up writing down what I want. She said she will present it to the doctor and we'll go from there. Someone should get back to me tomorrow. I feel like I'm blindly diagnosing myself sometimes. It's frustrating and I feel like they wasted months of my fertility because they can't fucking get it together. ~sighs~

I will have an arsenal of tests I want done when she calls me back tomorrow.
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