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Look But Don't Touch

Look But Don't Touch

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Haven't posted in a cuppa mainly because I've been feeling sorry for myself for the last month. Not only have I gone completely anovulatory, but last month I had a 13 day period. 9 dry days before starting all over again. This month I'm on day 19...still going strong. You'd think I would have bled to death and died by now. I emailed my doctor about it asking if I should be concerned. She said to come in for a visit if I'm still bleeding in two weeks. Uhhhhhhh....>.<
So yeah...pretty miserable, exhausted, irritable, exhausted, crampy and oh yeah exhausted.

I've decided to try and remedy this by doing what I do best. Do something else to take my mind off it. I joined Roller Derby. I officially signed over my life and limbs to the Rose City Rollers and joined the Wrecker League. I've been vocalizing this for about a year. Chris has been laughing at me because he said he just can't picture me being a tough girl. Wow...he really doesn't know me very well does he? Maybe I'm confusing tough with stubborn, but whatever.

Out of the 45 girls who joined 3 weeks ago-5 (including me) are still coming. 5!!! Of course I'm the only one who has lost all ability to skate. Leave to me to really start from the beginning.

First week I learned how to fall down really really well. Second week I learned how to skate. This week I'm building endurance and muscles to help me pivot and turn. Right now I can do about 4 laps and I'm spent. I also lose all feeling in my lower legs. Rest...water...rub legs...get back up and skate 4 laps. After about two hours of this I'll go home and ice my legs. It's different for everybody. Some people have problems with their thighs, hips, lower back, knees. I have the medial shin splint problem. I'm trying to be patient and kind to myself while I push through this. Can't stop now...it'll just hurt more later.
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