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My house my man my everything mine mine MINE.

My house my man my everything mine mine MINE.

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So I had this long email written out for my doctor yesterday and the server blipped and I lost it. It was a sign. I wasn't supposed to tell her off...not yet.

I went to my acupuncturist and told her what happened and she was shocked by the substandard care I'm receiving. I don't know what else to do. She referred me to someone she knows who may be able to help me. Apparently she's brilliant when it comes to thyroid and adrenal disorders, but damn...she's really expensive and I'd have to pay out of pocket. Gawd. I just want someone to look over my case and tell me what to do to fix it. I'm considering it. Maybe she does payments. So frustrating.

None of the needles really hurt going in. Minor twinges, but nothing more than that. A very good sign I am starting to transition properly.

Had a minor spat with Chris last night. Not really a spat, but more a conversation about his many ex-girlfriends and the fact that they're still floating around. Two considering "stopping by" to "hang out sometime" and "just say hello". Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no. Absolutely not okay. I said although he can't control what other people say he can discourage all of them from more personal conversations-especially on a public forum like FB. God knows what these women are saying to him in PM, but I want it to stop immediately. He can be cordial and nice, but not so nice (he's suuuuuuuch a nice guy) they feel like they still have some sort of special bond with him. ~narrows eyebrows~ I didn't get all crazy or emotional I just gave him instances where I felt uncomfortable and disrespected and I need more action from him showing me that he has set me above all other women.

I don't share. I'm a generous and patient Green, but I am done with them blowing up his FB board with their flirtations.

This is the problem with splitting up with someone and it ended nicely. Everyone is happy and would like to stay friends. I can't think of many relationships I haven't completely destroyed, burnt down or blown up with absolutely no possible way of reconciliation. For me that works much better.
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